| 23 February 2024, Friday |

The passport crisis will be resolved by October

The passport crisis in Lebanon was exacerbated by the difficulties in securing cash in dollars to print sufficient quantities of new passports. Because of the unjustified heavy turnout, the number of requests sometimes reached 10 times what it was before the crisis, which negatively affected the pace of work due to the lack of logistical capabilities.

The crisis of the General Directorate of Public Security in the matter of meeting requests for obtaining passports began since last year, but this crisis escalated in the current year, so that there was confusion in the decisions of the General Directorate of General Security by issuing a list of harsh conditions for obtaining a passport, after which a platform was launched to record appointments, then Stopping it and then reactivating it, and the platform relays the dates of those wishing to obtain a passport to the middle of the next year, or perhaps after that.

How does this negatively affect the citizens?

The Lebanese General Security Agency revealed that the solution to the crisis of issuing passports in Lebanon will begin by the coming months of October and November. He said that as soon as the General Security receives passports from the company contracting with him, it will start accelerating the pace of work, which did not stop in the first place, and the number of passport issuances will double. He added that he did not stop receiving applications, but rather organized the work due to the great pressure on the passport applications.

So every citizen has the right to obtain his passport, but the strange thing is that no country locks up its citizens within its territory, and it is true that the Lebanese flock to passports a lot because of the crisis, and that the Banque du Liban did not secure the funds necessary to manufacture a new amount of passports, but this Excuses do not matter to the citizen because the passport is a legitimate right for him, and depriving him of the passport is a humiliation for him. Is it not enough what he suffers from crises, humiliation and starvation?


  • Sawt Beirut International