| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

The plan for the return of the displaced is ready

The proportion of Syrian refugees in Lebanon constitutes a quarter of the country’s population of six million, and is considered the highest proportion in the world. A burden that Lebanon has borne since the outbreak of the Syrian war, and its results have exacerbated with the economic collapse that the country is witnessing, and it has become necessary to develop a plan for them to their country after 80% of the Syrian lands are safe.

This plan was initiated by the Minister of the Displaced, Issam Sharaf El-Din, who visited Syria in the past weeks and returned with a positive answer and a complete and integrated plan. But the question arises, what are the security and social guarantees for a refugee to return to his country?

Sharaf al-Din’s plan ignited a conflict of powers on the issue of the displaced between the Ministry of the Displaced and the Ministry of Affairs, so that Mikati intervened during the session and undermined the powers of Sharaf al-Din, who in turn confirmed that his visit to Syria was with the approval of both Presidents Michel Aoun and Mikati.

It seems that Mikati does not welcome the return of the refugees to their country, but the goals will be revealed in the coming days.

  • Sawt Beirut International