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The popularity of the Free Patriotic Movement has dwindled, Where is Elias Bou Saab?

The popularity of the Lebanese political parties has dropped without any exception after October 17 revolution. But after the painful Tayouneh incident, the popularity of the Lebanese Forces and the Kataeb parties advanced among Christians.

But what about the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), which has the largest Christian bloc in Parliament, the “Strong Lebanon Bloc” and the popular mood before the legislative elections?

– The October 17 Revolution vs the Popularity of the Free Patriotic Movement

⁃ FPM’s festivals were previously supported by big businessmen, but now everything is paid in cash and the crowd of October 13 was prepared two months ago with a guarantee of free transportation, but yet the number reached 6,000 people, while Metn district alone has 30,000 cards registered in FPM.


The party defends the port’s investigation in general, but not the Judge Tarek Bitar, and it defends the accused Badri Daher publicly by standing in front of the Palace of Justice, noting that the investigation is politicized, meaning that the judge is politicized. Sleiman Franjieh also confronts when he hints that a wanted Maronite has not been handed over to the judiciary, meaning Sarkis Hleis.

Attack on Christians’ castles:

– Bassil attacked in his speech two towns Bchareh and Zgharta, and this is not supported by the Aounist.

⁃ He also attacked the Maronite Patriarch when he said, “there is a Maronite that you did not allow us to hand him over to the judiciary,” and he meant by this Maronite the Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh.


It is difficult for MP Gebran Bassil to attack the army, just as it is difficult for him not to please the party. He is very cautious in this regard, but Army Commander Joseph Aoun’s visits abroad to secure aid to the army without referring to anyone bothers Bassil and Hezbollah.

Parliamentary elections

It is in the FPM’s interest to cancel or postpone the elections, but of course it cannot discuss this publicly. The US sanctions against MP Gebran Bassil will limit the election of his supporters in Arab countries, America and Europe.

⁃ The election of a new Parliament will not guarantee voting for him as a presidential candidate, and if the elections brought the same numbers, he will remain

⁃ The most fortunate candidate in light of the recent developments is “Sleiman Franjieh”

Internal confusion appeared in the absence of:

⁃ Intellectuals who support him in the October 13th Festival

⁃ The presence of a large number of candidates for the elections and fierce competition within the current

⁃ Where is “Elias Bou Saab” from the October 13th Festival?

It remains that the movement, as a party, will lose the vote of its supporters, but the movement as a popular and political case has certainly lost a lot.

  • Sawt Beirut International