| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

The President of the Lebanese republic…a woman?

With the end of the term of the current President of the Lebanese Republic, uncertainty still surrounds the name of the expected president.

There are many names that appear in popular and electronic opinion polls, which aim to convey the aspirations of public opinion about the identity of the next president. However, what was striking in those polls was the emergence of the female component as a fierce competitor, occupying the first positions among the names chosen by the participants, and the number of qualified women reached 18, according to what was reported by the “estefta2 info” website.

Among the names: Youmna Gemayel, Ghada Eid, Layal Bou Moussa, Sitrida Geagea, Verina El Amel, Tracy Chamoun, Claudine Aoun.

What if the President of the Republic of Lebanon was a woman?

Lebanese women have proven their ability to engage in political life, starting from the October 17 revolution, passing through the elections, and its results, as eight women succeeded in reaching the new council. Is there any element that prevents a woman from reaching the presidency?

On the other hand, the men of power have so far been unable to accept the involvement of women in political life. Women in the Lebanese Parliament face a sharp masculine mentality in dealing with them, in addition to mocking and belittling what they present, and attempts to suppress and silence them.

  • Sawt Beirut International