| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

The privatization of the public sector.. Solution or decomposition of the state?

The Engineers Syndicate, the vote of all unions has become,
Its president exceeded the complications of the parties ’system,
The union turned a platform for the opposition,
Today, the union announced its adoption of new issues,
Preserving management and public office,
And prevent the sale of public utilities and their privatization,
The privatization that the savior sees from the collapse seeks.

The Lebanese state summarized the communications and then the scandals and thefts floated on its surface,
Likewise, it did in parts of the EDL, and I entered the country in the dark,
Today, the official university sector pronounces its last breath,
After the Authority announced the inability to extend it with any vital artery to which it was brought back to the teaching of educational life as it was.
So the privatization of the public state sectors is depicted as the solution,
Even if the last option is without a social economic plan, it will exacerbate the collapse,
It will not lead to any result,
Relying on the private sector as if it were the only locomotive of any country that has proven a failure in the world.

The public sector is the rest of the collapse,
The employees left the general departments for their inability to continue,
The vacuum in the departments is threatened with its removal of their origin,
Demise is afraid to pave the way for a ghost in the country for many, a ghost called privatization.


  • Sawt Beirut International