| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

The proposal to divide the municipality of Beirut threatens between a security and social explosion

Beirut archive and news in the apartment of Mukhtar Baydoun in Ashrafieh,

It preserves the history of the capital, its events, and pictures of its leaders and leaders.
Preserving its history is preserving its geography as well, he says,
From this office, many deputies garnered the votes of the sons of the first district of Beirut, and they became members of Parliament.
Parliament, which witnessed the submission of proposals from representatives who demanded the division of the capital’s municipality.

To the House of Representatives, the deputies of the “Strong Lebanon Bloc” affiliated with the President of the Republic submitted a proposal for a law aiming to create two municipalities in Beirut.
The proposal met with a wave of opposition from a number of new representatives and from the allies of the allies.

The proposal includes dividing the municipality into two districts: the first, which includes the areas of Ashrafieh, Saifi, Rmeil, Medawar and Mirfa.
The second includes the areas of Mina Al-Hosn, Al-Bashoura, Ras Beirut, Al-Musaytbeh, Zkak Al-Blat, Al-Mazraa and Ain Al-Mraiseh.
The goal, in the opinion of the proponents of the proposal, is to stop obstructing development projects,

The proponents of the proposal cite the neglect caused by the harbor explosion, which led to the permanent emigration of hundreds of families from the areas of the First District two years ago.
The municipality has distanced itself from the proposal, which is witnessing the continuation of the conflict between the municipality’s declarative powers and the powers of the executive governor.
And confronts the authority of the Ministries of Interior that continues to date within the municipal council.

The division of the Metropolitan Municipality is a decision that needs a legal amendment that has not yet followed the procedural paths in Parliament.
It is hampered primarily by political obstacles by a team that puts the proposal in the framework of preparing to change the shape of the current system.

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