| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

The ration card series: Intention is there, but awaiting implementation

Lifting subsidies has become a reality and this random process will be implemented very soon. The alternative is a poor-value ‘ration card’ that was launched last Thursday, while implementation is still under discussion. The decision approved by the Parliamentary committees in this regard remained ink on paper due to the lack of financial provisions to cover the cost of this card.

As for the parliamentary committees, their arguments for delay took many forms, most notably their keenness to follow the constitution and laws, while they violate the same laws on a daily basis when it comes to their personal interests. Today, the belated card came to benefit their interests, so the people feared a hungry revolution that would lose them what remained of political loyalty and barbaric subordination.

Almost 72 percent of the Lebanese are classified below the poverty line. As for the official’s continuous disregard for this reality, will not undermine social stability, but rather will threaten civil peace. Today, with the new birth of the government, will the matter be resolved or Lebanon will experience more humiliation itself?

  • Sawt Beirut International