| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

The refugee crisis is worsening… Is there any solution?

The worst thing about wars is that the citizen is forced to abandon his homeland and flee to a safer country.

The refugee crisis is one of the most widespread and most dangerous crises in the world
In this report, we will show you, the countries that export the most refugees
6.7 million refugees were exported by Syria after a war that lasted for about ten years, and these were distributed among most of the Arab and foreign countries of the world
As for Ukraine, which witnessed a Russian invasion on February 24, which continues to this day, only 4 months later, it is approaching the top of the list, after the number of refugees fleeing the war touched 6.5 million,
With the intensification of the fighting to the east, the number of refugees is expected to increase within weeks.
The State of Palestine ranks third in terms of the number of refugees exported, which amounted to 5.7 million, after witnessing several wars against it by the Israeli enemy, the last of which was

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