| 26 February 2024, Monday |

The stages of the Iranian Faxon tanker trip, and its relationship with Venezuela?

The secretive trip of the Iranian tanker ‘Faxon’ was not easy from the port of Bandar Abbas in Iran to the Port of Banias in Syria, as shown in the photo published by Tanker Trackers.

Hiding from monitoring devices and satellites was continuous Along the sea line, by turning off the GPS devices and using machines to paralyze the tracking system and broadcast fake signals so that its true path and location would not be revealed.

The tanker must be legitimate and operate its equipment only when passing through the Suez Canal, so ‘Faxon’ appeared the last time five days ago raising the Iranian flag, after crossing the canal directly, heading to Banias, carrying a load of diesel fuel designated for Hezbollah. It is worth noting that the medium-class tanker was made in 2004, and its length is 176 meters.

By probing the history of Faxon’s movements, it turns out that it was also used to transport oil to Venezuela and was used on this basis on more than one trip with the Iranian tankers Forest and Fortune.

Faxon’s last trip to Caracas was recorded in September 2020, where it provided a shipment of crude oil. It was carrying with the other two tankers 824,000 barrels of Iranian fuel and other types of oil.

Faxon was sailing through South Africa to reach the Caribbean Sea and then penetrating Venezuelan waters with tracking systems turned off.

So, Faxon will have more than one trip to Banias, and the tankers will enter within hours through the illegal crossing borders in Hermel to Baalbek, which means that Hezbollah controls these crossings and used them in several operations.

All this was accompanied with information revealed by sources close to the regional parties via WikiLeaks Lebanon website that the Iranian ships that arrived in Banias are oil ships that do not benefit Lebanon, and what will be distributed, is mostly subsidized diesel, and there are no data to prove otherwise.

  • Sawt Beirut International