| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

The state plans to dollarize services, starve citizens as telecom’s dollar to be set at Sayrafa’s rate

Dear Lebanese, get ready to pay your phone bills in dollars or at Sayrafa’s exchange rate.

It seems that the decision to dollarize the telecommunications sector has been taken, and the cost of fixed, prepaid, and landline bills will rise.

For instance, the cell companies Alfa and Touch will reduce the cost by 67 percent. If the subscriber’s bill reaches $30, the bill for the same services will become $10, in exchange for a flexible dollar rate, according to Sayrafa platform.

If the price of the platform is 22,500 Lebanese pounds, then the bill will be calculated at 225,000 LBP for each $10, and instead of 45,000 LBP compared to 30 dollars, the bill will have increased by 4 times.

It is expected that the prepaid recharge cards in the market will be canceled in the coming period, while the new ones will not increase in value but will serve a shorter period, which means that the amount in the current recharge card will not be enough for future services.

If the telecom services were dollarized to avoid further collapse, and it is clear that the trend is to adopt this step in all sectors, except for citizens, whose salaries will remain at 1,500 LBP, and all the bills will be at 22,000 LBP!!

  • Sawt Beirut International