| 19 April 2024, Friday |

The time bomb is on a date with the explosion.. Roumieh prisoners die in sequence

The doors were shut in her face.

And her days turned for the worse after her son was imprisoned.
Her son made a mistake in life’s calculations,
She paid as he paid the price.

Air, water and food are forbidden to prisoners,
The Prisoners’ Families Committee raised its voice again.

The philanthropists took the initiative to provide a truck of food items and another filled with meat.
These substances entering prison may satiate hungry stomachs,
But others here at home still need everything,

The prisoners in Roumieh, like the free people outside it,
The economic collapse affected them on all levels.
But the disaster at home is worse than the disaster outside.
The possibility of a solution, according to the people, is translated by the approval of a general amnesty.
Especially since a large number of people were imprisoned for years and then obtained a verdict of innocence and were denied compensation.

  • Sawt Beirut International