| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

“The turnout may be intense, voting is primarily for regulations change”, says Muhammad Ibrahim

Preparations for the parliamentary elections have progressed on all economic, living, financial, health and environmental issues, with the country entering the electoral silence today, and one day before the expatriate elections, Friday and Sunday.

Practically, the serious time is approaching, and the general picture is: breath-holding, electoral tension, political and regional mobilization, campaigns and accusations from above and below rooftops, nerves tensed in all circles, set to the “ticking” rhythm of the countdown to the remaining days of the calendar of preparation for the May 15 entitlement, which There are only 9 days left.

To shed light on this file and follow up on the first leg of the expatriate elections in the Gulf states, we were joined by phone, Deputy Managing Editor of the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai, journalist Muhammad Ibrahim.
1. Professor Mohamed, good evening. What is the general picture of the expatriate elections in the Gulf states tomorrow?
2. How did you read Mufti Derian’s call to intensify participation in the elections? What is the general atmosphere in the Gulf in this context, especially after calls for a boycott of the elections by some parties?


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