| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

The youth of Egypt stand with the youth of Lebanon through the Sawt Beirut International

There is a spiritual relationship between Egypt and Lebanon that began with a Phoenician-Pharaonic and ends with the silence of the pulse. In the trade between us, the Beirut-Alexandria link arteries with a sea of salt that tastes like sugar. In art, we wrote on papers with creative words, and filled the world with an echo with songs that made our common cultures proud. And in the seventh art, we enlightened this East with the greatness of the big screen. It is true that there are no geographical borders between the two countries, but there are no borders for love, rather a Mediterranean sea that connects the body with the soul.

The aids sent from Egypt to Beirut after the port explosion were not the last. Today, the youth of Egypt are releasing through Sawt Beirut International their splendid voice that supports the youth of Lebanon, and their voice is life. Your voice has reached Sawt Beirut International, and we are responding to it only with love. Between Egypt and Lebanon there is love from the core of the secret of Genesis.

  • Sawt Beirut International