| 18 July 2024, Thursday |

These foods are sexual enhancers

Your medicine is from you and within you. At a time when people resort to chemicals to treat their psychological and health problems, we highlight solutions away from the chemical disease that harm and do not cure, according to all reports and medical studies, most diseases are from food, as well as most prevention methods and treatments are also from food. Since sexual health is one of the people’s most concern, we went in our research towards everything that supports sexual health, not in the blue and white cartons, but in the colorful dishes in multiple foods. What does sexual health have to do with the food we eat?
Many foods we wrongly thought among the list of foods that support sexual health, but as usual, we inherit wrong information and beliefs from generation to generation. Some foods are harmful to sexual ability and desire.
Diet is necessary to maintain not only sexual health but also health as a whole, for all ages and segments of society. Food is prevention and medicine.
A moderate diet strengthens sexual health as well as human health and protects him from many diseases.

  • Sawt Beirut International