| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

These foods may increase your risk of cancer!

What we used to call the “unnamed” we now call it by its full name, since it has become a part of our lives and is present in our families, the lives of our friends and loved ones.
The disease that was previously limited in spread is now like fever, cold and flu. It is the “Cancer”, which is still under the microscope of tests and research.
Its causes are many and they are increasing day by day. But the materials and foods that enter the human body remain the biggest cause of the spread of the disease. What are the foods that increase the risk of cancer?

Processed, coloured, cross-bred foods, smoked, saturated with sugar and fats are just a few of the list of harmful foods, according to nutrition expert Janine Al-Jameel.

Cancer is called by its name as well as its causes must be called by their names and be kept well in order to avoid them.

Inside every refrigerator in our homes there are toxins that we do not know or may know but we are addicted to. Inside this refrigerator lies the disease and the treatment. You decide!


  • Sawt Beirut International