| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

They broke the silence.. Judges went out of the ordinary

They went out of the ordinary. Judges set a precedent in the modern history of Lebanon.
A scene that journalists are not accustomed to, as the judge, as usual, does not authorize the media.
But these judges formed a club to be a platform for them. For the first time, they hold a press conference to clarify what has spread in the country about a retreat practiced by judges.

To persist in silence leads to persistence in accusations. The judiciary is not a political party they assert. As for the absence of a single corrupt partisan politician in prison, they say that political responsibility takes precedence over legal responsibility.
Political responsibility rests with the people’s responsibility to elect people in the first place.

The judges’ presentation of what they had did not solve many of the broken files on the judiciary, which exceeded seven thousand files since the year two thousand and seventeen.
Lawyers have judicial decisions that they cannot implement. Many citizens break judicial decisions as a result of their knowledge of the disruption.

Friday on a date with the General Assembly of Judges. They will be required to return to work, at least partially. However, according to the information of the SBI, this request will not be implemented, and if a number of judges implement it under duress, it will of course not be welcomed.

Solving the problem of judges’ salaries will not address the course of justice in Lebanon. If their financial independence contributes to the possibility of continuing their work, the independence of the judiciary needs to be enshrined within the regulating laws that give executive power to the judge in the face of political interference.


  • Sawt Beirut International