| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

This is how the Iranian party plants the road of Arab-Gulf relations with mines

It is Hezbollah, which master undermining Lebanon, in order to make way for complete Iranian control over it. There is no limit to his attempts to sabotage any hope aimed at reaching a truce with the Gulf states that restores confidence in Lebanon, including the Kuwaiti initiative. After the conference held in Beirut by the Bahraini opposition group “Al-Wefaq Society” in Beirut last month, and caused a diplomatic crisis with the Kingdom of Bahrain, while Hezbollah has refrained from deporting its members, Here is the party’s militia revealing two political conferences for the same association in the Saha Hotel on the outskirts of the southern suburbs, organized, financed and protected by the party, on the fourteenth of this month.

Despite the request of the Minister of the Interior, Bassam Mawlawi, from the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces and the General Directorate of Public Security to immediately inform the hotel management, that the two conferences were not organized because they did not obtain legal permissions, and the hotel responded to the demands, but the association is continuing its activities, with the change of location.

And in case Hezbollah acquiesced to the state’s decision, and this is impossible… It will certainly wear the guise of democracy in the face of the Gulf intervention in Lebanon… An old and new drama that it always resorts to, forgetting the Iranian agenda that it masters in implementing it in Lebanon.

Iran desires and Hezbollah implements… This is not new, but the role of the Ministry of Interior today should not be limited to prevention, but rather follow up the issue with all concerned parties to ensure that the two conferences are completely cancelled, maybe we can save what remained of peaceful relations with the Gulf states.

  • Sawt Beirut International