| 4 March 2024, Monday |

This is how to calculate your transportation cost!

Following the insane increase in the price of a gasoline that approached 397,000 LBP today, despite a drop in the dollar exchange to 20,500 LBP, the cost of transportation by car changed and increased as well.

Calculation based on a study from the International Information, it was found that one kilometer costs 3,155 LBP for a car with an average consumption of 170 km per cannister, knowing that the cost increases or decreases according to the car model and its energy consumption.

This cost is divided into the following items:

Gasoline cost: 2,335 LBP which represents 72% of the total cost

Oil and filter cost: 90 LBP

Battery cost: 47 LBP

Wheels cost: 190 LPB

Spark plug cost: 37 LBP

Oil for Automatic: 23 LBP

Front and rear brakes: 130 LBP

Wipers: 19 LBP

Mechanic fee: 9 LBP

Third party insurance + mandatory insurance: 250 LBP

Car wash 6 times a year: 25 LBP

The cost of car parts was determined based on the distance moved annually at an average of 11,000 km, and based on the dollar exchange rate at 20,500 pounds.

So, today you can calculate the cost of your trip using the following calculation:

You can see how many kilometers you want to drive, and this has become easy on GOOGLE MAPS, and then calculate the number of kilometers you will drive by multiplying with 3,155 LBP.

For example, from Tripoli to Beirut you have to drive 160 kilometers, so the cost of the round-trip cost is 505,000 LBP. From Beirut to Jounieh, back and forth, 50 kilometers, which means the cost is 158,000 pounds. From Beirut to Saida, back and forth at 90 kilometers, the trip costs 284,000 pounds.

This is the cost without calculating sudden malfunctions, and without calculating, of course, traffic jams. From now on citizens have to count their steps and trips.

  • Sawt Beirut International