| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Three crimes in 3 days… Violence against women is expanding!

In the past few days, Lebanese opinion has been shaken by a series of horrific crimes and violations, all of which targeted women from different regions.
In the details, three crimes committed by the Lebanese were revealed over three consecutive days:
– Spousal violence has reached the threshold of murder in the western Bekaa.
– A group rape of a girl with special needs in Ein El-Helweh camp in Sidon by protected security forces.
– And the suicide of a minor girl after she was forced to marry someone she did not want in the Daniyeh district in northern Lebanon.

Incidents that took place in front of the Lebanese and their authorities without any deterrent or accountability, and in the absence of legal frameworks and the political will to address, which confirms that the numbers of violence against women are constantly increasing.

Reports issued by the Internal Security Forces indicated that the number of reports of domestic violence increased by 100 percent, after reaching 1184 calls during the quarantine in 2020.

In turn, the “Kafa” association reported that eight cases of murder of women were recorded from March 22 to June 15, 2022, in addition to a suicide case whose file is still under investigation to ascertain whether this case was really the result of suicide or violence, in addition to the shooting of a woman who survived.

Although at the national level there are no official figures for cases of violence, according to the available data, since 2019 until today, the number of abused women has increased three times over previous periods. In 2021, 1,396 women turned to the “Kafa” association to request support in addition to following up on previous cases.

Here, observers confirm that the main solution to addressing violence against women lies in the adoption of a unified personal status law, a law that equals women and men in terms of rights and duties and facilitates cases for women.


  • Sawt Beirut International