| 20 May 2024, Monday |

‘Ticking time bomb’: Action is needed in Zahrani before it’s too late

As if the circumstances lived by the Lebanese since August 4 haven’t been enough, the Higher Defense Council has made a shocking revelation by uncovering a report drafted by Combi Lift.

The report points out to the presence of dangerous chemical materials at the warehouse of the Zahrani oil installations. Following inspection by experts of the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, they turned out to be nuclear materials of a high level of purity, the presence of which poses a threat.

As simple as that, the concerned officials decided to disseminate such information just to say they have done their job and informed the public about it. As simple as that, they decided to sow panic among the Lebanese who haven’t forgotten yet the ammonium nitrate explosion at the Beirut port. Wasn’t it better to take action first?

Reports indicate that these materials are non-flammable but rather radioactive, and efforts aimed at handling them are underway. They consist of six small containers of uranium salts, which are used in the process of refining oil materials, and they have been there since before 1970.

Before that date, a U.S. company used to run the Zahrani oil facility where Iraqi oil was refined and distributed to various regions.

According to reports, such materials are classified internationally as “dangerous,” and the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission has voiced its willingness to transfer them to its laboratories in order to place them under its supervision in accordance with the protocols and standards adopted in relation to these materials. And here we must say: take action immediately before it’s too late!