| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

To Hassan Nasrallah: A militia can never become a state!

In the Ukrainian file, the whole world is in one place, and the Iranian axis is in another. It is enough to listen to what Hassan Nasrallah said today in order to make sure that Hezbollah’s leaders have only one constant idea to think about.

The fixed idea of ​​the Yellow Party today is keeping the weapons in its hand and under its command forever! Whoever doubts, let him go back to what Nasrallah said in his speech today. While he was talking about Ukraine, he literally said: “One of the most important lessons from what is happening today comes from those who handed their weapons to others and relied on guarantees given from here and there, and whenever they fall, they say: “Provide us with weapons.”

In these words, Nasrallah ended his speech. Can anyone believe that Nasrallah has forgot everything related to the Ukrainian suffering in order to legitimize its weapons among the public opinion? In this context, how Nasrallah didn’t discover that comparison between Ukraine and Hezbollah is not permissible? Ukraine is a state, and it has the right to arm itself in order to defend itself, its lands and borders, and to protect its people. But Hezbollah is just a party, and therefore it doesn’t have the right to own weapons, because this contradicts all norms, regulations, and international laws.

Moreover, the party didn’t use the weapons only in Lebanon, but rather in many Arab countries from Syria to Yemen, a matter that constitutes blatant interference in the affairs of other countries and threatens relations between states.

Therefore, Nasrallah should stop exploiting the Ukraine crisis to market its weapons, and remember that the militia remains a militia no matter how hard it tries to become a state within the state!

  • Sawt Beirut International