| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Total darkness within days… Head of the private generators’ association warns

The global price of a ton of diesel rose from $620 to $840, to settle at $1,200. This unprecedented rise as a result of the Russian war, will have repercussions on the cost of diesel locally, leading to the increase of private generators bill.

Lebanon will go into total darkness on the fifteenth of May if the government does not take practical decisions. The majority of private generators have turned off their engines, because they are no longer able to provide diesel fuel, while citizens are unable to secure the subscription amounts.

What are the solutions capable of banishing the darkness?

Some owners of private generators indicate to Sawt Beirut International that they are seriously considering stopping work until the path of global oil prices and the price of the black market dollar is clarified internally. Especially since the collection of bills decreased at the end of February by 30%, after part of the subscribers hindered generators and others reduced the number of amperes. So, the total darkness is near and the Lebanese are getting ready to light up candles again.

  • Sawt Beirut International