| 1 December 2022, Thursday |

Tourism sector resorting to fresh USD payments, citizen “stuck” at home

Walid Nassar, the Minister of Tourist in the caretaker administration, issued a circular permitting tourism institutions to publicize their price lists in US dollars, provided that the final bill be issued in Lebanese pounds based on the black market exchange rate or in US dollars to boost tourism.

This implies that if a person drinks coffee at a restaurant and the exchange rate begins to climb, the bill will rise with each sip of coffee.

Jean Beyrouthy, the Head of the owners of marine tourist complexes, hailed the Minister of Tourism’s decision and verified that he had distributed it to all tourist unions.

On the technical financial problem, economic analyst Jassem Ajaka stated that the consequences of this decision will be disastrous for Lebanese citizens.

So far from the decision, Lebanon is on the verge of an “amazing” tourist season, with earnings estimated to approach $4 billion, which would have a favorable impact on the country’s severe financial condition.


  • Sawt Beirut International