| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Tripoli’s tragedy on cabinet table and army commander’s detailed report criticizing beneficiary officials

The Council of Ministers met to discuss Tripoli’s tragedy. The decisions issued by the Council of Ministers were a tragedy in itself that outweighed the tragedy of the northern capital. The government admitted that it will resort to international organizations to help its citizens, through the formation of a committee to prepare a draft law aimed at establishing a council for the development of the north.

On the other hand, the session dispelled questions related to the army’s role in the drowning incident. The Prime Minister’s tweet was expressive in his saying, “I refuse to throw accusations arbitrarily, and we have great confidence in the army’s leadership.” In the session, the army commander, navy commander, and intelligence director participated and presented a detailed report on what happened based on the investigations that are still ongoing, especially that the boat driver who managed to escape and is detained by army intelligence is in well being.  According to the information, General Joseph Aoun confirmed that the army acted wisely and responsibly and presented a video proving that the boat was hit on its side to prove that the army was not responsible for the sinking of the boat. Among the citizens fleeing their tragic reality, are family members of the Lebanese army. The security leaders presented information about the army’s pursuit of gang members working to smuggle citizens in exchange for sums of money, and a number of them had already been arrested and released when they were transferred to the judiciary, including those who managed the boat that sank. It was noted that the ministers were convinced by the army’s report and supported its positions and a decision was taken to leave the investigation to the army. In the words of the army commander, he noted that he sent veiled messages to all the politicians and officials who took advantage of the incident for political and electoral purposes, without naming them, definitely meaning the head of the movement, Gebran Bassil.

Far from the ministerial session, it is necessary to focus, whenever invoking the entitlement of the Presidency of the Republic in a tragedy like the tragedy of Tripoli…. After Basil’s speech yesterday, he blamed officers and members in the army for sinking the ship, and of course blamed those who conspired against him, the army commander, Joseph Aoun, Bassil’s rival to The presidency, to be  responsible not only for what happened in Tripoli, but also for what happened in the port explosion. A news item distributed by the media office of the Republican Palace drew attention in which the phrase “summoning the army commander to the government session” was cast upon him as an accusation, at a time when it was learned that the presence of the army commander in the session took place at his request after a call Between him and the Prime Minister, where he expressed a desire to attend the session to explain the truth of what happened. Later, in the Republican Palace, they tried to correct the error by distributing news confirming that the army chief, intelligence director, and the commander of the navy had given a detailed account of what happened with the boat, supported by documents and photos.