| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Upcoming disturbances and movements… “the officials are irresponsible”

Fourteen days, and this year, which bore enough crises that afflicted the Lebanese, ends as a result of the economic collapse and the collapse of the Lebanese pound as a result of the record rise in the exchange rate of the dollar, in light of the complete and complete absence of the “not responsible” officials who contributed to drying up the various sectors in the country.

And here we are today, witnessing what is expected, the disintegration of all sectors, as they have collapsed and are no longer able to continue or confront, so a series of strikes and protests began in most sectors in succession, from the land transport sector, to Alfa and Touch employees, through the workers and users of the Electricité du Liban, up to Employees in government hospitals, who have decided, to go on a full-blown strike starting from the beginning of the new year.

What is required is a decent life, that is, the simplest rights of a citizen. As for the stakeholders who are responsible for providing solutions and taking any steps to improve the current situation…what is meant here is the government…so where is it from all of this? It is stumbling in reviving its sessions to add to the “mud” of living crises, as Hezbollah and its allies consider the government a bulwark of political rams, so they will refrain from attending the sessions if their conditions are not implemented, neither the dire economic situation, nor the deterioration of the living situation, nor the dilapidated infrastructure, nor even the outbreak Financial and administrative corruption and nothing is more important than the interests and demands of the party in the country.

  • Sawt Beirut International