| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

US Ambassador on her second visit to Baabda within 48 hours

Hezbollah, as we mentioned yesterday, regained the initiative in the maritime borders demarcation file by suddenly shifting from a furtive position to a clear position rejecting what Hochstein presented on his last visit. The party has sent messages to those enthusiastic to find a solution for this file, especially the President of the Republic.

The response came today from the President of the Republic with a tweet directed to the officials and unofficial, and for civilians and non-civilians, according to what Baabda sources confirmed to us. Of course, the closest in politics are Hezbollah, and at the forefront of the non-civilians, Brigadier General Bassam Yassin, head of the negotiating delegation, who revealed that adhering to Line 29 as a beginning of negotiations with Israel was instructed and approved by the President of the Republic.

Aoun said in his tweet that the Presidency of the Republic is should not be targeted, and reminded that the role of the President of the Republic is negotiating international treaties and agreements, and concluding it with the Prime Minister, then the Council of Ministers, and finally the Parliament. In other words, any agreement regarding border demarcation is Aoun, Mikati, and Berri’s responsibility, as well as the rest of the forces represented in the government and the parliament. So why to criticize the President’s position only, Baabda sources ask?

Does Aoun’s defensive stance mean a return to the square of Line 23, perhaps influenced by Hezbollah’s position, which was expressed by Representative Mohammad Raad? Or did it come in response to the failure of Basil’s efforts with the Americans by bartering between the border file and the sanctions imposed on him?

In any case, it was remarkable that the US Ambassador Dorothy Shea’s visit to Baabda today, 48 hours after she also visited the palace, accompanied by the US Treasury delegation. The question that arises, is the visit to ensure that the President of the Republic still maintains his position on the file of border demarcation and the adoption of Line 23 after the position of Hezbollah. The presidential palace statement confirmed that the meeting between Aoun and Shea dealt with the stages of the file demarcation of the southern maritime borders.

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