| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

US issues a Presidential decree to support the Lebanese army, for whom is this message?

It is not the first time the United States of America provides aid to the Lebanese army, as this aid to the military institutions did not stop despite internal campaigns that urged US to terminate this support under the pretext that the army is affiliated with Hezbollah.

But announcing that this aid is coming by a special presidential decree issued by US President Joe Biden, was a remarkable step, which was interpreted by well-informed diplomatic sources that the US will support the army and continue to provide aids. US and Europe are keen to ensure that security in Lebanon is controlled and that the military institutions does not collapse like what happened to other state institutions that have crumbled one after the other, while the military institution remained cohesive and stable.

Based on the fact that change in Lebanon is not yet settled until things become more obvious in the region and its impact on Lebanon. Chaos in the land of cedars is forbidden, but rather stability is required, and this is one of the reasons behind the US aid. But beyond maintaining stability and relying on the army to secure this, the US presidential decree has other scopes that cannot be overlooked. After what happened in Afghanistan and on the eve of the return of the US-Iranian negotiations, there were many analyses about US handing Lebanon to Iran and Hezbollah, so aid came to the army by a presidential decree and at this time to refute these conclusions. The aid was a clear message that the US will only rely on the Lebanese army, and there will be no change in its strategy.

Does this mean that matters will reach a point where the army will carry out a coup and take over the country if the crisis intensifies and the chaos surged to a dangerous point? Diplomatic sources said that the idea of ​​the military government was presented to the army chief, Joseph Aoun, during his visit to Paris last June, but he refused even to discuss this proposal. The most critical issue in the next stage is security, and all accounts heads towards this direction.

  • Sawt Beirut International