| 21 July 2024, Sunday |

Vehicle Registration Center resumes transactions

Work was forcefully halted at Lebanon’s Vehicle Registration Centers more than two months ago, which implies that all citizen transactions, including automobile registration, have ceased. The cause for this is a shortage of paper materials needed to complete the transactions.

This week, the Traffic Management Authority announced in a statement, the gradual return to work, and explained that “work will resume Wednesday and Thursday of the current week and Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, to complete the completion of the accumulated transactions that had already been started through the registration of foreign mechanisms that had previously been completed through the registration of foreign mechanisms that have already been mechanically inspected, in addition to the transactions of unlocking and stopping traffic, provided that work will resume normally 3 days a week from Monday to Wednesday, starting from August 22 to complete All transactions, including the transfer of ownership with the Registration Department.”

So work has been resumed in the Market Department to carry out all the transactions of renewing market licenses and giving testimonies issued by the Market Department, as well as submitting requests for conducting market exams, provided that the appointment begins on Monday, August 22.”

The Traffic Management Authority indicated that “the mechanics department will resume its work starting from Thursday, August 18, provided that work with the mechanics department will be Thursday and Friday of every week.”

With a reminder, “to prevent congestion, annual traffic fees can be paid at centers approved by Wish Money, Libanpost, OMT and approved banks, with the exception of the mechanisms whose occurrences are noted and require treatment.”


  • Sawt Beirut International