| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Viruses spread among Lebanese schools

Our students have been training since childhood for a homeland that forces you to be born in it mature from the age of hardships and adversities, for the torment in childhood is like engraving in stone. And the stone is heavy on their shoulders like the weight of school bags from the remnants of the French system in education and moldy like French cheese, and today they suffer from the spread of viruses like stuffing materials in the classrooms.

Recently, there has been much talk in Lebanon about the outbreak of H1n1 among students, in conjunction with the remnants of Corona and many other viruses, so what are these viruses? Does it have a period of time to spread?

It is true that the immunity of children is stronger than that of adults and the elderly, but their lifestyle facilitates infection among them, as they act with childhood spontaneity in touch and physical closeness, as Dr. Raymond Mikhael explains, but have we reached the end of Corona due to the vaccine and the action of herd immunity?

Corona entered history as a deadly virus, and now it is leaving it as a normal part of life. It’s a flu like any other class of normal disease.

The problems of the spread of the virus among students are easy to treat and prevent. As for the unhealthy problems of students, their treatment is missing.


  • Sawt Beirut International