| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Volume of Lebanese-Ukrainian trade exchange, 354 million dollars

With every crisis, whether at home or abroad, Lebanese panicked about the loss of basic commodities in the local market, and this anxiety increased with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.
In a review of the trade exchange movement between Lebanon and Ukraine, it appears that there is an imbalance in the trade balance in favor of Ukraine.
According to International Information, it turns out that Lebanon exports almost nothing, while imports from Ukraine, of about 354 million dollars, as an annual average during the years 2012- 2020. The last census of the Lebanese customs was in 2020, where the import from Ukraine recorded 272 million dollars, while exports from Lebanon to Ukraine amounted to only 950 thousand dollars.
Goods imported from Ukraine to Lebanon will be directly affected and their prices will rise in the Lebanese market, especially wheat, oils and fuels. This war also has an indirect impact on local production.
Regarding the most prominent commodities that Lebanon imported from Ukraine in the year 2020, wheat came in the first place with a volume of 511 thousand tons worth of 119 million dollars, which constitutes 44% of the value of imports, and in the second place came crude oils with a value of 44.3 million dollars, followed by iron.cows, corn, stamps, barley, sugar and soybeans.

  • Sawt Beirut International