| 23 May 2022, Monday |

Vote.. So the republic prevails!

To those who have not yet made up their minds, we say one phrase: Vote, and be worthy of the hopes placed on your vote. This year’s elections are different from all previous elections. It comes after October 17, 2019 with all what this date means. It articulates between corruption and the desire for change. It is a joint between an old Lebanon that is dying, and a new Lebanon being born from its ashes. Also, the year’s elections come after the crime of the fourth of August, a crime whose perpetrators are still unknown, or rather, the perpetrators are being made unknown because the perpetrators are known and their names are frequent on every lip and tongue. The most important of these two dates is that the 2022 elections are taking place and Hezbollah is completing its destructive project to annihilate Lebanon and end its state and to “terminate” the Republic, and even to make Lebanon a state completely dependent on the Iranian Republic. Therefore, the responsibility is great. That is because the matter is not about choosing this candidate or that , but rather about Lebanon’s identity, role and future. Therefore, Lebanese: your country needs you, and the electoral duty is calling you. participated extensively in the elections, “your votes are our legitimate weapon, so we cabn extract them and prevail.”

  • Sawt Beirut International