| 5 October 2022, Wednesday |

Wael Kfoury survives a terrible traffic accident, El Gouna Film Festival top trending

News regarding Wael Kfoury that had survived a severe traffic accident last evening worries his fans, and according to the early information, his automobile dropped while he was walking in a large pothole as a result of total darkness on the road leading to Byblos.

He was moved to a private room as his health condition improved, and he now has chest pains from bruises, but he is in good health as a result of the force of the accident that flung him out of the car, where his girlfriend was with him, and both of them are doing well so far.

With the launch of the fifth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival, social media sites were flooded with celebrity views from the red carpet, including Maya Diab, Nadine Njeim, Sherine Reda, Saba Moubarak, and other celebrities who walked the red carpet.

Actress Najla Badr also caused debate with her festival dress, which included an asymmetrical shape and a piece that was considered unusual. On the red carpet, duets by Aser Yassin and his wife, Ashraf Zaki and Rogina, Ahmed Daoud and Ola Rushdi, and others drew attention.

A video of Rawan Bin Hussein and Saad Al-Mujarred was trending on the social media this week, during which Saad received Rawan with hugs and kissed her and then later kissed her hand, which exposed Rawan in particular to criticism, especially after she danced with him while he was singing.

Some wondered if there was a love relationship between them, but the criticism was the one that topped the scene.

Rawan bin Hussein responded to the critics, saying, “I didn’t respond because I didn’t want this to become a frequent occurrence among artists who are friends. I wanted to surprise him and attend his party, and I loved his classy attitude towards me. Saad is a great friend of mine, and I admire and appreciate him.”

The news of the death of theactor Yasser Al-Azma spread quickly on social media, prompting him to come out and deny the rumor of his death in a post on his Facebook page, writing, “A false rumor spreads about me, but with God’s help, I live, and with my love for you and your love for me, I live a good life.”

Mohamed Ramadan is at it again, setting a trend and causing controversy, this time with a video he shot with his private plane’s flight attendants while on his way to El Gouna to attend El Gouna Film Festival.

The video received contradictory reactions, but criticism topped the front, and the video recalled the incident of pilot Achraf Abou Yusr, and some expressed their fears of expelling the flight attendant, as happened with the pilot who died last April.

Nawal Al Zoghbi, a Lebanese singer, has launched her latest lyrical work, “Aaks El Tabi’a,” after much excitement and suspense. Director Fadi Haddad signed the short clip. The song is sung in a dialect of Egypt. Ahmed Hassan Raoul wrote it, Ahmed Zaim composed it.

Yara, a Lebanese singer, is getting ready to release the second song off her new album, “Mallayt,” which is a mix of Lebanese and Egyptian music.

Two weeks after its premiere on Yara’s YouTube channel, the song “Mallayt” has surpassed 3 million views.

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