| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Was Hezbollah really involved in the Russian-Ukrainian war?

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which confirmed that Russia has hired about a thousand fighters from Syria and Hezbollah to push them into Ukrainian cities, the battlefields in the Arab world appear to have narrowed in Hezbollah, after Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, and the spread of many of its terrorist cells in many countries.
Hassan Nasrallah, the party’s Secretary-General, categorically denied the allegations. Is it true that the party sent fighters to Ukraine?

Concerning the negative impact of this matter on Lebanon if Hezbollah participates in this war, writer and political researcher Fadi Ahmar believes it will be disastrous.

So far, the data suggests that Hezbollah did not officially participate in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but it is possible that the situation was handled on an individual basis. However, the party’s previous involvement in other people’s wars may pave the way for Hezbollah elements to join the Syrian army in this war in the near future.

  • Sawt Beirut International