| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

“We won’t let them free corrupt officials and hold innocent depositors accountable,” warns Charaf Abou Charaf

The Medical Syndicate categorically rejected the process of distributing losses in the Capital Control Law, which gave the state and the Banque du Liban the instrument of innocence, causing the economic collapse and squandered deposits. Professor Charaf Abou Charaf, the head of the Doctors Syndicate, joined us to discuss this issue.

The official secondary, primary and technical education links met to discuss outstanding financial issues in the Ministries of Finance and Education, as well as delays in financial incentives and social grants, as well as the insane rise in the dollar exchange rate, the deterioration of economic conditions, and the negative impact on every teacher and professor.

Sources told Sawt Beirut International that the conferees called on the professors to resort to a general strike and stop working in all public secondary institutions and the educational center, as well as a sit-in in front of the Banque du Liban the day after tomorrow, on Wednesday.

  • Sawt Beirut International