| 26 June 2022, Sunday |

What are the causes of cancer and how to avoid it?

A study published by the World Health Organization warned of foods that increase the risk of cancer, we review together.
1- Charred meat: When roasting red meat at a high temperature, some parts are charred, so it produces harmful DNA. To avoid this, the researchers recommend cooking over a medium heat, turning the meat at intervals, and baking at a moderate temperature.
2- Microwave popcorn: GMO corn kernels and the fumes from artificial butter contain diacetyl, which is toxic to humans. Therefore, it is preferable to make popcorn in the traditional way, not using the microwave.
3- Hydrogenated fats: They change the shape of cell membranes and promote the growth of abnormal cells.
4- Soft Drinks: Soda is a killer mix of harmful colors and preservatives loaded with tons of hidden sugars.
5- Refined sugar: or what is known as artificial sweeteners.

The World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society offer tips to avoid developing malignant disease:
1- Eat organic food as much as possible.
2- Eat fresh food, if not availabe, eat clean and raw frozen food
3- Significantly reduce sugars and grains.
4- Doing exercise and maintaining a good weight.
5- Staying away from harmful rays and preventing them, such as using ultraviolet protection methods, and not to expose to the sun for long periods.
6- Breastfeeding children.
7- Child vaccination against hepatitis C and human papillomavirus (HPV).
8- Avoid polluted air.
9- Stay away from tobacco and alcohol.

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