| 19 April 2024, Friday |

What are the reactions of Lebanese women to Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s statements?

When Prime Minister Najib Mikati told reporters in Baabda Palace that he was reading about Lebanon’s independence the day before Independence Day…

Lebanon’s women assumed he was reading Fawaz Traboulsi, Kamal Al Salibi, or Massoud Daher and their books, to refresh his memory.

It is not the first time that Lebanon’s politicians have used pejorative and offensive language toward women.

The Minister of Interior limited her role for “cooking,” not to mention the Foreign Minister statements or Wiam Wahhab’s, who wanted to turn Lebanon into a prostitution haven, thanks to Russian women.

And the list does not end with positions that amounted to mockery or personal insults.

“You adorn the council.” “You are a mother, a sister, and a wife.” “You constitute half of society.” Under the table, all of this is said in public speeches. “There isn’t time to debate the women’s quota.” Women are almost entirely absent from dialogue tables and decision-making positions…

In any case, because the president is educated by people’s opinions, he sympathizes with them.

“Lebanon, Mr. President, is the family that, despite the differences and difficulties, we, as its guardians, must concede and try the impossible to preserve it,” one stated.
Divorce is not an option!

  • Sawt Beirut International