| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

What does the Lebanese think these days?

“How do I manage to eat? Will the pension be sufficient for the end of the month? How do I want to secure this medicine for my mother?…”
Yes, this is the language of the majority of the Lebanese people, who are burdened with concerns today…

It burns with the fire of prices, taxes, debts, education, services, and transportation, and the state “has left no room for anyone”… and the concerns of living life weigh heavily on citizens… and officials are not responsible… and the road only leads to a dead end, the last of which is the “Mental hospital”!

The economic and living pressures experienced by individuals in society may be accumulations that increase the level of depression and tension… resulting in distraction and difficulty concentrating, which is evident through the frowning and angry faces in the diaries of the Lebanese..

In the face of the darkening of the scene, especially since the miracle of solutions will not be “with a push of a button” and the crisis path is “still in the beginning”… It has become the best option for the citizen to focus on his mental health, which may relieve him of the pressures of daily life.


  • Sawt Beirut International