| 27 May 2024, Monday |

What has changed from Ghadras to Maarab after 27 years?

From Ghadras in 1994 to Maarab, what has changed during the last 27 years ?

Why was Samir Geagea arrested in 1994 from his residence in Ghadras in a simple way, while today it was difficult to reach Maarab to inform him of the judge’s order to be questioned and to appear before the judiciary?

From the domination of the Syrian-Lebanese security system in 1994 until Hezbollah and Iran’s control of power in 2021, will the leader of the Lebanese Forces party escape the clutches of the occupation of the Ayatollah regime?

27 years ago, Geagea was arrested in his headquarters in Ghadras, in the absence of any popular objection and amid the silence of most officials in the Lebanese Forces, who some of them even fled.

Today, supporters have formed human shields to protect Geagea from any threat.

27 years ago, the arrest took place regardless of the international and Arab community, while Lebanon was an open ground for the Syrian-Lebanese security regime.

As for today, the head of the Lebanese Forces party, is covered by Saudi Arabia which is considered his immunity.

From Ghadras to Maarab…

27 years… times have changed…

Will the clock turn back?

  • Sawt Beirut International