| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

What is behind the shy number of candidates for Parliamentary Elections?

The countdown for the Parliamentary elections scheduled for May 15, started in March. According to the electoral law, door opened for candidacy has started in January 10, and will be closed on March 15. However, as of Tuesday, the number of candidates did not exceed 20 in 10 districts, while the announced nominations are in hundreds, noting that forming the electoral lists and consequently electoral alliances must be officially completed before April 4.

One of the main reasons for the shy numbers of candidacy applications is that Lebanese banks have so far refused to open bank accounts for candidates as required by law, despite the Central Bank circular that stressed the need to facilitate this process. However, banks did not abide by this circular, while those concerned did not present any other alternatives, such as opening accounts for these candidates in the Ministry of Finance.

The time remained for submitting applications is approaching, and it is not considered sufficient at all levels. Does all of this fall under the category of deliberate obstacles aimed at postponing or even undermining the elections?

In any case, eyes are focused on the next two weeks. Either the problem will be resolved and the number of candidates will rise, or the obstacles will increase so that the fate of the parliamentary elections will be at stake.

  • Sawt Beirut International