| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

What is required from Lebanon, Kordahi or Mikati’s government resignation?

Every hour of delay in resolving the crisis with the Gulf states will worsen the situation. What was accepted by Kordahi’s apology is no longer so, and the stubbornness of the ruling system by delaying solutions will make Kordahi’s resignation useless.

The most prominent evidence of this is the tweet of the Saudi ambassador, Waleed Bukhari, who said: “The sinner does not commit the sin except with a hidden will. Gebran said it and the world heard it. That is the author.”

He attached his tweet with the hashtag #Gibran_Khalil_Gibran.

According to the sources, the tweet comes as a response to the hostile policies towards the Gulf countries.

Sawt Beirut International (SBI) information indicates that the Lebanese government is waiting for a response from the Gulf states, whether the resignation of George Kordahi will motivate Gulf countries to reverse their decision, and keep the Lebanese ambassadors.

The American side conveyed the government’s question to Riyadh, and it has not yet received any answer.

At this time, the eye is on Scotland, where the climate summit is being held, and on what will be proposed by President Najib Mikati’s move. The sources revealed that international and Arab meetings will be held by the Prime Minister on Monday and Tuesday, especially with the French president and the US foreign minister. He will not be welcomed by the Gulf officials.

If Mikati’s efforts with the West and the Arabs fail to resolve the crisis, he will be in front of two options, the most bitter of which are: resignation with all the setbacks it will bring inside Lebanon, or dismissing George Kordahi, which will inevitably lead to the resignation of Hezbollah ministers.

In both cases, the government will enter the stage of performing business, and the parliamentary elections will be in jeopardy. While the Saudi monarch, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, was contacting the Emir of Kuwait and the Bahraini monarch to express his appreciation for their solidarity with Saudi Arabia, the Houthi spokesman, Muhammad Abdul Salam, published in a tweet two pictures of Kordahi, using the hashtag #Yes_George_Kordahi, the Yemen war is absurd.

In sum, so far neither Kordahi will resign nor Mikati ready to resign except with French and American consent. How will the crisis end and will its fragments reach the security situation and the elections?

  • Sawt Beirut International