| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

What is the aftermath of the Constitutional Council’s latest action taken?

The Constitutional Council did not escape the thrashing.

Without the conclusion it made on the appeal filed against electoral law provisions, this council has demonstrated that it is a puppet in the hands of a corrupt political system that has been able to use it as a political weapon to impose its hellish bargains. As a result, the parliament relegated the issue of quorum to the political bazaar, transferring its powers to the Parliament and increasing its members to 10, admitting their dismal failure to uphold the constitution.

Yes, it is a hazardous precedent set for the first time in the council’s history since it began operating in 1994, in that it does not deliver any judgment considering the appeal filed before its departments, as has always been the case.

As a result of this constitutionally enshrined political fight, only the expats are triumphant. They will be allowed to vote for 128 deputies rather than six deputies based on the 16th district if there is no constitutional decision.

The election supervising body must be constituted as soon as possible, and people who have registered to vote from abroad and need to rectify their registrations have until January 1st to do so.

To summarize, the Constitutional Council’s entity is no longer confident in the integrity of the electoral process, and revising its statute and composition has become more than a chore.

  • Sawt Beirut International