| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

What is the fate of citizens’ deposits trapped in banks?

Lebanese have lost their hope in their country, health, and even their deposits in banks, the most important pillar to survive.

Since February 2019, the money of influential people and politicians has been transferred from Lebanese banks, but only citizens have fell into the trap, so their money was kept in the banks. Today, the question that arises what is the fate of these money trapped in banks?

Capital control is becoming a constitutional growing need, although 19 months have passed since the start of the crisis, because any legislation, no matter how late, remains better than the chaos and discretion that prevails today.

What about the forensic audit, will it help the depositors to get their money?

A number of citizens tried to file lawsuits against the banks, but they were surprised that their accounts were closed and their money was given to them as a bank check, which limited the process of filing lawsuits against banks to preserve the right of depositors.

Two years after the financial crisis which is worsening day after another the Lebanese still does not know the fate of their money and their future.

The fate of the citizens is left to the unknown, with no plans or payment scheduling, as the government does not convene to satisfy influential people and accomplices.

  • Sawt Beirut International