| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

What is the reason behind the sudden drop in the dollar exchange rate?

The dollar exchange rate is falling significantly, however, this drop does not coincide with reduction in the prices of commodities and fuels. In fact, prices are rising faster than they are dropping.

Citizens are living in a state of chaos, as the merchants’ considerations do not match with the consumers’ concerns. To shed more light on this topic, Economist Patrick Mardini joined us via phone.

IMPACT platform announced on its Twitter account that the registration process for social protection has ended and 582,660 Lebanese families have registered, comprising more than 3.5 million individuals.

Starting from the last week of February, text messages will reach the first segments of the beneficiary families informing them that their requests were accepted, and about the payment dates, knowing that the payment process will start on March 1.

It is noteworthy that the fixed amount that each family will receive is $25, in addition to $20 for each child in the family, up to 6 children, thus the maximum amount received by each family is $145.

  • Sawt Beirut International