| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

What prompted Frangieh to return to the government?

Once the Head of the Marada Movement Sleiman Frangieh was asked in Bkerke about the alternative minister after George Kordahi’s resignation, he said firmly, “We will not nominate anyone, and we will not participate in this government anymore.”

What has changed, three months after Kordahi’s resignation? Why did he decide to name Ziad Makari, to take over the Minister of Youth and Sports and not the Ministry of Information?

What is Frangieh’s intention as well as Mikati’s intention who convinced Marada’s leader to restore his share in the government?

Sources close to the Prime Minister said: “We are approaching a new phase in which many fateful decisions are required, mainly representing the Maronites completely within the government. In other words, Mikati needs Maronite votes at the Cabinet that are distinct from those of Maronite ministers affiliated with the President of the Republic and the Free Patriotic Movement.

In addition to that, Mikati and Frangieh are aware that the current government may live long, and it may remain if the parliamentary elections do not take place, and it may continue even if the elections take place because it is not possible to agree on a new government.

Beyond that, Frangieh sources consider that there is a great possibility that the presidential elections will not take place, which means that the government will perform business in the country, so why should the Marada be outside it or with a partial share, especially that after Kordahi’s resignation, there was only one Minister left for Marada who is the Minister of Telecommunication, and who was nominated also by MP Farid Khazen?

Of course, the appointment of a new minister needs the approval and signature of the President of the Republic. In addition to the proposal submitted by Mikati that an exchange between the Ministry of Information, youth and sports portfolios requires the approval of President Aoun, because the current Minister of Youth and Sports is from the President’s share.

Baabda sources confirmed that there is an effort to appoint a new minister for the Marada, but they did not confirm the final agreement between Presidents Aoun and Mikati. As for Frangieh’s decision to return to naming a minister, Baabda sources place it in the field of electoral calculations, considering that the Youth and Sports portfolio contains associations and clubs that can be used electorally.

  • Sawt Beirut International