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What social classes will the ration card include?

Within 24 hours of the Grand Serail announcing the launching of the “Aman” programs and the ration card, 31,000 Lebanese enrolled to be granted assistance.

More than 70% of Lebanon’s population lives under the line of poverty.

Following an attack on the Ministry of Social Affairs by a group of activists demanding relief and explanations for the harsh living conditions the political class has led them to, the Minister of Social Affairs raced to develop the IMpact platform to register families without guaranteed funding, merely to pacify the street. Najib Mikati sponsored the declaration, which came from the heart of the official palace.
Sum: $20 for each member of a needy household, plus a fixed amount of $25 for the family.

To begin, one should differentiate between the “Aman” card project with the ration card. The first is intended for the poorest households, while the second is intended for all Lebanese, with the exception of wealthy families and recipients of the “Aman” card.

The “Aman” card, which the Ministry is expected to begin accepting payments by March 2022.
Beneficiaries include 150,000 households and 87,000 children enrolled in private schools.
The Aman card:
Sum: $20 for each member of a needy household, plus a fixed amount of $25 for the family.

The Aman card
Fill complete the form through the impact. platform
Formal assessment
Paying visits to qualified families
Stage of payment via transfer centers

The financing card is the second stage.
Except for the wealthy families who benefit from the “Aman” program, for all Lebanese.

Oh Citizen! These are the stages and information you need to take advantage of the aid program. You must register and wait for World Bank funding, hoping that promises be kept.

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