| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

What would improve the mood, its price would sour it

You may think that bread is one of the citizens’ first priorities, but you should know that the cup of coffee is more important to many, and with the lifting of subsidies on coffee as most commodities, cafes tend to raise the price of a cup of coffee to reach four thousand pounds in some kiosks, after it was 500 pounds before the crisis Despite that, a coffee drinker cannot give up his coffee, especially since he needs to relieve his tension while reading the country’s news.

“A cup of coffee and a bottle of water are 5,000 Lebanese pounds, according to what a coffee seller told “Sawt of Beirut International” reporter Ghassan Farran, adding, “The price of 1kg of coffee is 90,000 lebanese pounds and it continues to rise,” stressing that “people have not stopped buying it”.

A citizen confirmed, “I will continue buying coffee even if the price of a cup reaches 10,000 pounds, and I am unemployed.”

  • Sawt Beirut International