| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

When men cry, is it wrong for a man to cry?!

Masculinity is measured in some societies, with mustaches, harsh voice, swollen muscles due to the pressure of exercise, and the pressures of “disgrace and prohibition”. It is the same masculinity that is sometimes oppressed, by accusations of violence and bullying… As a man, you are asked to be tough in appearance and tender, rough body but with soft feelings. You are asked not to be afraid. But the man gets afraid. ” I get afraid” is an advertising campaign to support men in expressing what is inside them, and support their masculinity with the freedom to cry. Mark Bassett explained to “Sawt Beirut International” the content and objectives of this campaign.
Crying, as Mark explained, is not a lack of Masculinity , but an increase in magnanimity.
To be a male is to be afraid, afraid of society, afraid of people’s reactions to your masculinity, and to be afraid of the punishment of mockery of it. As for being a man, it is when you are not afraid of these patterns, but afraid of the nature of human feelings… I am a man, and “I get afraid.”