| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Where do people have money?!

“Where do people have money from” is one of the most frequent sentences in Lebanon, we repeat it more often than hello, from the words “hello” and even how are you?! We look outside… We “watch” the crowd, not in queues for petrol or bread, but in queues at nights, restaurants, bars and resorts. You watch them stacked like solid structures, hungry for imaginary bills, familiar with the rules of “Stories” on Instagram, to obscene food, drink and entertainment.

They are the Lebanese, who curse and grumble on “Facebook” and “Twitter” about the miserable conditions during the day and celebrate the splendor of the Phoenix race on Instagram at night, without stopping to ask the great cosmic question, even during the evening in which they themselves are present, “So from where do people have money”?!

Dr. Hala Koleilat put her finger on the wound of the Cedars, as she describes the one-eyed look towards the truth with the one-eyed look.

Whoever watches people in discotheques may not see the other side of Lebanon. So he only wants to see people who “have money.”

We are standing in an area intended for the rich, separated by a street from an area intended for the poor. This is Lebanon, which differs from one street to another.


  • Sawt Beirut International