| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

While elections are American, results are Lebanese

Vote counting continues in the United States, after a busy day yesterday, to determine the winners of the most prominent legislative positions, in which voters went to choose 36 governors and 35 members to renew a third of the Senate and 435 members in a complete renewal of the House of Representatives. American media reviewed the most prominent results so far, in light of intense competition between Republicans and Democrats:
Senate: The Republican Party needs to win 51 seats out of 100 to gain a majority in the Senate. In the event of a tie, the majority will remain in favor of the Democrats. The Republican Party: The Red Party has occupied 49 seats so far, winning 20 seats, while it occupies 29 others outside the elections, while losing one seat to the Democrats, so far.
Democratic Party: The Blue Party has 48 seats so far in the Senate, where it has guaranteed 14 seats.
*As for the other parties, they have two seats that are not included in the current elections.
To reach a majority in the House of Representatives, either party would need to gain 218 seats.
The Republican Party: The Red Party has so far held 204 seats, after gaining 3 seats.
The Democratic Party: As for the Blue Party, it managed to win 176 seats, but lost 6 seats.
State governors:
Voters in 36 states choose their governors in this election.
The Republican Party: The Republican Party has so far held 24 seats, while it lost two seats, won 16, and now has eight seats that are not included in the elections.
Democratic Party: The Blue Party currently enjoys 21 seats, as it won two seats, and won 15 seats, while it has six seats that are not included in the elections.
What do these results mean in America?

Of course, for every political pregnancy abroad there is a birth that must take place in Lebanon, so are there any repercussions on Lebanon after these results in America?

The American elections mean the whole world, because America is the greatest and most powerful country, meanwhile Lebanon is distracted by the emptiness and the interpretation of the gender of angels in the constitution.

If the Democrats or the Republicans win, it will be the same for Lebanon. We will continue to live in undemocracy and non-republican!

  • Sawt Beirut International