| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

While the majority are striving to leave, Coco decides to stay!

The majority of the Lebanese are striving to emigrate, and many are packing their luggage while waiting for the visa. People are mourning the 1,500 LBP exchange rate per dollar and bemoan the subsidized bread and gasoline.

At a time when the homeland has become two possibilities: either a waiting station, or a grave… Coco comes with the splendor of her tan skin to color reality with the most beautiful colors of hope. She is the Ethiopian with a record of Lebanese souls, with a soul bound and a heartbeat.

Here is this flash of light from the heart of the dark days.

“Coco” became part of a street, an area, out of a cup of morning coffee, and most importantly, it became part of an entity and an affiliation.

While the majority are striving to leave Lebanon, Coco decided to stay, because Lebanon is not only wars and economic crisis, but rather it is that beautiful gathering, a cup of coffee, and the voice of Fairuz.

  • Sawt Beirut International